For the second part of the series - ‘keeping megacities on the move’, we travel to India's capital to meet KONE’s service technician, who answers for the smooth operation of 264 elevators and 75 escalators of the Delhi metro.

The Delhi Metro is used by 26 million commuters daily. Keeping this artery unclogged is the job of Technical Support Engineer Bhagwati Prasad Bhatt, who answers for the smooth operation of 264 elevators and 75 escalators.

“Many differently abled persons and senior citizens are totally dependent on us to reach their destinations. In the worst case scenario, they would have to be carried out in wheelchairs via ramps,” he says.

The safety and comfort of Delhi’s millions of commuters is ensured by KONE’s efficient preventive maintenance. Technicians perform regular maintenance checks at specified intervals, following a rigorous checklist.

“We constantly update our technical know-how and carefully analyze every callout to plan improvement actions. Audits and continuous training are also a big part of our safety culture.”

To minimize inconvenience to commuters, maintenance is always carried out at night. “Providing the necessary resources for night work is our biggest challenge,” says Bhatt, who makes himself available 24/7.

Due to the nonstop torrent of commuters, speed is of the essence on daytime callouts. A broken escalator handrail at Chandni Chowk station was one of Bhatt’s most memorable ‘fast fixes’. “Replacing a handrail quickly is always a big challenge. It normally takes about twelve hours, but thanks to efficient planning, we finished the job in ten.”

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