Smooth people flow with a smart elevator

A smart elevator puts you and your users in control, with the possibility to add connectivity with smart building solutions that optimize people flow, make everyday life easier for users, and ensure your smart building is geared up for the future.


Open up new possibilities with a smart elevator


Smart building solutions

KONE Residential Flow takes the hassle and stress out of everyday life with improved accessibility, easy access control, and innovative smart building communication methods. KONE 24/7 Connected Services and smart building solutions use equipment data to enable predictive maintenance, meaning problems can be quickly identified and resolved before they can cause a breakdown or service disruption.

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KONE Ecosystem partners and smart building innovations

Our growing number of partners are developing new smart building connectivity innovations that make life easier for building users. Here are just a few examples:

  • Gaussian Robotics – autonomous cleaning robots for improved productivity and performance.
  • BlindSquare – the world’s leading navigation app for blind and visually impaired people.

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Your own intelligent elevator experience

With intelligent elevator connectivity, you have the freedom to develop your own smart building solutions, allowing you to further customize your smart elevator to create an experience that meet the needs of the people using your smart elevator system.

Keeping a smart elevator safe and secure

To bring you peace of mind in the digital world, cybersecurity and privacy are designed into our smart building solutions. Monitoring our smart elevators and digital environments around the clock helps us take proper care of them for you now and in the future.


Smart building API services

KONE API Services provide new opportunities to interact, co-create, and leverage smart building solutions without costly retrofits or on-site integrations.

Connected people flow means your smart elevator system never stands still, an intelligent elevator can be updated and upgraded, so your smart building evolves and increases its value, lifetime and attractiveness. Smart elevators and connectivity enables new people flow solutions and value-adding services like an automated delivery system to be introduced over time.

Explore the KONE API Portal


Elevator Call API

Implement elevator call-giving features in your own building end user application.


Service Robot API

Integrate autonomous robots (e.g. cleaning robots, delivery robots, security robots) with elevators.


Equipment Status API

Get equipment operating status and service status information and integrate it with your own building operating system.


Service Info API

Integrate information like open and completed service orders, call-outs, and repairs with your own asset or building management system.

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